From International Awards, Product Reviews, to Event Sponsorships, the Zergotech Freedom is recognised as the leading innovative ergonomic keyboard

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Internationally Acclaimed

We are proud winners of the Germany based Red Dot International Product Design Awards. From thousands of entries we excelled in areas of design, innovation, and productivity. Credit to our team for their dedication and creativity in producing such a great end result. The Freedom ergonomic keyboard will be displayed on the Red Dot website from June 2020.

Winning Result by RED DOT

"The Zergotech Freedom prevents typical ailments caused by intensive typing and accelerates the recovery of those affected. Key features include sliding gel palm rests that support the wrists and concave key caps for less finger fatigue. The keyboard can also be split to allow the user to adopt a comfortable arm and sitting position. The high-quality, injection-moulded housing has a restrained appearance."  

Statement by the jury 

"The keyboard is characterised by exemplary ergonomics and offers additional options for adapting it to individual needs."

You can view all winners, including Apple, Microsoft, HP and others,  in the Computer and Information Technology category by clicking here

You can view our Freedom keyboard online exhibition by clicking here.

Entry Submission for GOOD DESIGN AWARD

Good Design Awards Australia has published the list of entries for the 2020 competition.  The Zergotech Freedom is among 53 other products being considered in the Consumer Electronics category, competing with the likes of Microsoft, HP, Logitech, and others. 

Winners will be announced in the second week of September 2020. You can view all the entries being considered here.

Our entry to the Australian international design awards can be found online by clicking here.

Online Reviews

A growing collation of independent online product reviews.

Tech Republic .com

"...for any developer, writer, or admin who suffers from the threat of wrist pain due to the frequent pounding of keys and who hasn't found that perfect keyboard, the Zergo Freedom might be the perfect piece of hardware."

Ergonomic Trends .com

"The result is perhaps the most comfortable wrist support I’ve experienced."

"The Zergo Freedom is perhaps the most comfortable keyboard we’ve ever tested. "

"All things considered, the Freedom can very well be the best ergonomic keyboard you lay your hands on."

eTeknix .com

" ...a well engineered, designed and constructed innovative product....If your life is typing, this can be the perfect tool for the job! "  

All Things Ergo .com

"Brilliant! Absolutely brilliant!"  

"For those with the ergonomic priority, this keyboard checks all of our boxes for one that we can recommend wholeheartedly." 

Freedom Overview

Visit the Mechanical Switches page to listen to typing sound samples


Sponsors of the Human Factors Ergonomic Society of Australia National Conference

Many thanks to HFESA for hosting a wonderful conference and providing our exhibition stall. We are thrilled with the many positive reviews and engagement with certified professionals and the many ergonomists who are keen to get the Zergotech Freedom on-board.

Social Events

Sydney Mechanical Keyboard Meetup 2019

A thoroughly enjoyable event with keyboards of all colours and flavours. Many thanks to the organisers and sponsors for a great meet. The Zergotech Freedom was enthusiastically welcomed and curiously inspected by many attendees.

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