With ergonomics and productivity in mind, on-board programming and intelligent key layouts were designed specifically for efficiency while tailoring to your typing preferences.

zergo freedom ergonomic keyboard initsu

In addition to healthy typing, the Freedom is intelligently designed and optimized for efficiency. Maintaining as much familiarity as possible with standard keyboard layouts, the integrated navigation and numerical keys, combined with optimized Windows shortcuts, means you can achieve your fastest typing speeds while minimizing the learning curve. 

Through our research we learned that not even touch typists type the same way. Typists have a preference for dominant fingers to strike certain keys. Which is why we provide on board programming for remapping keys for your preference, including combinations for typing efficiency.

Programming for Personalisation

We all have our preferences, and typing habits vary between each user. Easy to use on-board macros allow you to change the key layouts to what suits you best. The Freedom's basic macros include key swaps, copy, erase and restore functions. These provide for easy cut, copy, paste options for your own custom layout. For power users, you can record and map key combinations and shortcuts on-the-go!

No need for software or bloatware - just an easy set of plug and play on-board programming routines. Improve your productivity and efficiency with your own personalized layouts.


swappable enter and spacebar keys

The ultimate macro for power users and those seeking efficiency. Map any key combinations, such as CTRL + ALT + Delete to any key to activate in one key stroke. Bring out the power of the Freedom with combinations that you use most.


swappable enter and spacebar keys

With the swap macro, you can swap any two keys. This comes in handy when assigning keys from one half to the other. For example, assessments of typing behaviours show that only a single dominant thumb is used for striking the spacebar at least 95% of the time. You choose which side you prefer.


swappable B and Error key

 The copy macro allows you to duplicate a key from one position to another. Prefer two spacebar keys? Copy the B key to two positions? Create a copy and paste where it best suits you.


swappable B and Error key

 The move macro acts as 'Cut and Paste' feature, moving and over-writing one key to its destination position. The keys original location is erased giving no functionality.


swappable enter and spacebar keys

The erase macro allows you to remove the key mapping on any particular key.


swappable B and Error key
The Restore macro acts like an Undo action. If you've made a mistake and need to correct it, you can always revert the keys to their original default. You can restore the keys either one by one or a factory master reset. 


Sold separately, Blank key caps are available for the ultimate in keyboard personalisation for users wanting a different setup to the default layouts, or simply a more daring look.

Default Layouts And Mappings

Standard keyboards have too wide a format for the navigation keys and numpad. This requires a physical lift of your hands away from the standard character keys to use the navigation and numpad keys. Not only is this an inconvenience, it is also inefficent. Making matters worse, the right side of the standard character keys extend asymmetrically to the outside of right most finger by an inch. Located here are three of the most commonly used keys being the Enter, Backspace, and Delete keys. Not only does this create constant ulnar deviation of the wrists, it also creates an disproportionate amount of typing work between the left and right fingers. 

 The Zergotech Freedom resolves this with the below layouts.

Colour Coded Key Layouts

A remapping of the three most commonly used keys on the extreme right (Enter, Delete, Backspace), have been remapped to the left hand side of the keyboard. This not only removes the unhealthy ulnar deviation of the right wrist, but also distributes the amount of work performed by each hand more evenly. 

The navigation and numpad keys are integrated into the keyboard, activated by conveniently placed FN and NUM Shift keys, allowing for quick and efficient typing.

colour coded key layouts

The Function Layout

The Function Layout is activated by either a FN Shift key while it is pressed, or a toggling of the FN Lock key. The FN Shift key is conveniently located nearest the thumbs for easy access and activation. 

This layout contains: (i) the Navigation keys intelligently placed around your fingers for easy reach, (ii) Media keys on the F row, (iii) less commonly used keys on the right most column, and (iv) some of the most commonly used shortcuts for Windows PC. This combination of integrated keys provides ergonomics with optimized speed and efficiency.

We put thought into integrating one handed use. By placing a FN Shift key on either side of the keyboard, the right hand alone is enough to navigate around the page.

function layout

The NUM Layout

The Numpad is now integrated into the main section of the keyboard. This is activated either by the press and hold of the NUM Shift key, or the toggling of the NUM Lock key. 

The semi-orthogonal layout gives the user a familiar aligned setup to the standard numpad configuration. Speed, efficiency and ergonomics are all achieved for Numpad use.

the num layout

Extras In The Box

To enable you to remove keycaps effortlessly the Freedom comes with a custom made keycap puller. 

Mechanical keyboards are known to be louder than standard rubber dome keyboards. Taking into consideration your colleagues, or your own preferences for quieter typing, the Freedom comes with a set of noise dampening rubber O-Rings.

zergo keycap puller

Our custom made keycap puller is designed to remove keycaps easily and safely ensuring no damage to keycaps or key switches occurs during removal. The design of the keycap puller allows for the removal of both the standard size keys, and the larger spacebar row keys.

zergo keycap puller

To use the keycap puller, place the arms of correct dimensions over the corresponding keycap and push down until the key cap springs back into the keycap puller. The hooks will now be underneath the keycap. Proceed to remove the keycap by pulling vertically upward.


O-Rings are small circular pieces of rubber that are used to reduce the sound of keys "clacking" against the keyboard. They absorb the stroke of the key, creating a barrier between the keycap and the switch.

o-rings installed

The O-Rings are inserted around the stem on the underside of the keycap. The Freedom does not have the O-Rings installed by default. To install the O-Rings, only use the provided keycap puller for safe removal.