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What makes this a premium product? Can the quality and benefits justify the cost?

We are confident that the Freedom's innovations will break new ground to become the market leader in ergonomic mechanical keyboards.

On their own, mechanical keyboards are costly to produce. The plastics used are of higher grade than normal rubber dome keyboards. The switches are comprised of actual mechanical pieces including springs, gold plated metal conductors, and finely tuned actuation mechanisms.

The creation of the Freedom was a long and costly journey, with the development phase undergoing 5 rounds of prototyping. We ensured that the ergonomics was optimal for the average user. Once the ergonomics were proven, we set out to produce a quality product. The choice of materials, the sturdiness of the board, the cable strain relief, the texture of the slider bay, the geometry of the folding feet, were all aspects and details that we paid special attention to. We have even gone so far as to assess the acoustics of the keyboard, inserting specially selected foam to reduce echo.

The ergonomic benefits and pain relief you will receive is worth the investment. For those with crippling pain, should the keyboard be successful in reducing that pain, it may be a career saver.

Plus, it's actually quite fun to use!

Are the cables removable? Is there a wireless variant?

The cables are unpluggable. We have added double over-moulded strain relief to ensure the cables can carry the weight of the keyboard. While the cables are strong, we do not recommend testing their weight limits.

The keyboard is not a wireless variant available at the moment. It uses a standard USB cable.

Freedom variants and compatibility

The Freedom comes in two variants for Windows and Mac operating systems. It works like any other standard keyboard compatible with PC, MAC, and Linux. 

What other switches do you offer? Are they hot-swappable? Do you accomodate any custom requests?

Our design priority for the Freedom was ergonomics, with the choice of mechanical switches to produce a high quality product. For the meantime, we only offer a limited choice of Kailh switches. With time, we are sure to extend the selection to Cherry and other key switch brands, dependant on demand.

As this is our first product, the key switches are fixed and soldered into the PCB board. They are not hot-swappable. 

We do not formally provide custom requests. However, should you request certain customizations, such as switchless boards, different keys witches, and custom layouts, you would need to contact us for a separate quote, as this would require an interruption in our manufacturing processes

How long does it take to adjust to the Freedom?

You will be up and running in no time. Your typing speed will be back to full speed within a few hours. The semi-orthogonal layout was designed to minimize the learning curve, making minimal changes to keep the familiarity of standard keyboards. Perhaps the largest to change to adopt to is the integrated navigation keys and numpad. However, once you are up to speed, you will find the integrated keys are easier, quicker and more efficient.

What keycap profile do you use?

We've started completely from scratch and designed the keys to follow the curves of your fingers. Most notably is the taller and more inclined F row and a longer and declining bottom row.

How do we claim for warranties and refunds?

Please complete the forms on the warranties and refunds policy page. We will always honour our commitments to you.

More questions? Ask us and we'll get back to you.



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